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Outway Performance Socks Establish the Importance of Quality Socks in Maintaining An Active Lifestyle

Outway Performance Socks Establish the Importance of Quality Socks in Maintaining An Active Lifestyle

VICTORIA, BC, September 30, 2022

Outway, a rapidly expanding athletic lifestyle brand, is now pioneering a paradigm shift in the athleisure market with its state-of-the-art performance socks. In recent years, this industry has witnessed extraordinary growth because of an increasing mass awareness of health and fitness. However, the importance of good quality socks have been somewhat ignored in this thriving market. Outway is in the process changing the perception of people that have so far been content using traditional box store socks. 

Active apparel items such as shorts, yoga pants, shoes, hats, and shirts have always attracted lots of interest from the buyers. Though overlooked by many individuals, athletic socks are equally important for an active lifestyle because they act as a barrier between people’s feet and their shoes. Without socks with the right technical features, users are likely to experience discomfort in the form of overheating, sweating, blisters and abrasions on their feet. This is where Outway has made a serious difference. 

Outway socks come with premium yarns, original designs and the right technical features to help users take on any challenge while looking and feeling their very best. Designed to work with their shoes and feet, these socks allow users to focus, breathe, and move. 

  • Stay-up compression and a hand-sewn seamless toe keeps the socks from falling down and bunching up. Users can focus on what matters the most as these adjustment free socks stay in place all-day.
  • Strategic venting and sweat wicking yarns allow feet to breathe and maintain the ideal temperature. 
  • An engineered heel and midfoot arch support prevents socks from moving around within the shoe. Therefore, users need not worry about abrasions and blisters as they move around throughout the day.

“Whether you’re running, cycling, working out or all the things in between, Outway socks empower you to do what makes you happy while achieving new levels of performance, comfort, and style. Our socks are thoughtfully designed for the pursuit of personal bests,” said Outway founder Rob Fraser.  

About Outway: Outway is an athletic lifestyle brand in pursuit of the perfect technical socks—thoughtfully designed for inspiration, performance and personal bests. Outway performance socks are reflective of its commitment to the brand and product journey. The brand is dedicated to providing an ever-evolving collection of new designs paired with technical innovation to continuously inspire and delight the community.


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