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One pair can make a difference.

Preventing plastic waste from entering our oceans.

Sustainable business practice is one of our core values. With partners like Plastic Bank and a strong community behind us, we have the ability to create positive environmental impact and help protect the health of our world’s oceans. Join us as we put our best foot forward towards a more sustainable future.

Bottles Prevented

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How it works

Our socks contain polyester, which is a synthetic fiber derived from non-biodegradable properties. The amount of polyester we utilize within each pair of socks is the equivalent to 40g of plastic, approximately 2 plastic bottles.. The purchase of one pair of socks contributes to supporting the collection of 40g of plastic waste by Plastic Bank members.

Plastic waste is collected from coastal communities within 50km of the world’s oceans. By collecting at these crucial points we can help prevent plastic from ever entering the oceans ecosystem. 

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Where does it go?

Collected plastic is taken to a Plastic Bank branch where it is sorted by type and colour. Plastic Bank processors then segregate, wash, flake and reprocess the recycled material to be reintegrated into new products and packaging as part of a closed- loop process. Plastic Bank’s vertically integrated supply chain ensures transparency and traceability throughout the entire process. Learn more at

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How can I help?

We can all do our part in reducing our plastic footprint. By educating ourselves and keeping the conversation going we can hopefully find our way to an improved circular plastic economy. Choosing to purchase products and supporting brands who understand and take action towards their business’ environmental impact aids in sustainable consumerism. We’re right beside you in trying to do better everyday. Let’s be accountable together!